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  <br><br>52.5×27.5×16.0 <br><a href="1613/?lang=eng">More...</a>   <br><br>70,0 х 21,0 х 14,0 <br>   <br><br>107 х 30 х 30 <br>   <br><br>38 х 13,5 <br>   <br><br>30хØ13 <br>
  <br><br>61,5 х 21,0 х 21,0 см <br>   <br><br>34.0×Ø15.5 <br>  Russia. Moscow. Early 19th century. By Yakov Samarin, stamp “MYaS” (in Russian)<br>Bronze, gilding, engraving.<br>Высота - 32,5 Диаметр - 13,0 <br>  Russia. Early 19th century. <br>Bronze, engraving, gilding, glass.<br>Высота - 18,0 Диаметр - 13,0 <br>  Russia. St. Petersburg. The first quarter of 19th century. <br>Bronze, casting, gilding, glass, cutting.<br>Высота -15,0 Диаметр -12,0 <br>
 Russia. Moscow (?). Early 19th century. <br>Flint glass; bronze, casting, gilding.<br>Высота - 22,0 Диаметр - 12,0 <br>  Russia. Early 19th century. <br>Bronze, engraving, gilding, verre eglomise.<br>32,0×10,5×10,5 <br>  Russia. 1880s. <br>Patinated gilded bronze, engraving, stone.<br>Высота - 31,5 Диаметр - 15,0 <br>  Russia. Late 18th – early 19th century. <br>Patinated gilded bronze, engraving, stone.<br>31,0×10,5×10,5 <br>  Russia. The first triens of 19th century. <br>Bronze, engraving, gilding.<br>74,5×26,0×26,0 <br>
 France. 1810s. Lucien Francois Feucheres (?) Studio. <br>Bronze, casting, fire-gilding, patination.<br>104,0×28,0×28,0 Expertise by All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Art.<br><a href="1052/?lang=eng">More...</a>  France. 1798 - 1800s. Claude Galle.<br>Bronze, casting, patination, fire-gilding, rouge marble (griottes).  <br>82,0×23,0×23,0  <br>  France. 1785-1790 <br><br>58,0×21,0×16,0 <br><a href="1054/?lang=eng">More...</a>  France.1768-1846. <br>Gilded bronze, marble. White enamel (dial-piece).<br> <br><a href="1060/?lang=eng">More...</a>  France. 1850s – 1860s. Inscription (in French) on dial-plate stamp: «LEMERLE – CHARPENTIER & BRONZERS PARIS 8 RUE CHARLOT».<br>France. 1850s – 1860s. Bronze, casting, gilding, white marble. White enamel (on dial-piece).<br> Expertise by A.A. Gilodo.<br>

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