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  <br><br>59.0×49.0×32.0 <br><a href="2371/?lang=eng">More...</a>   <br><br>130.0×92.0×92.0 <br>   <br><br>52.5×27.5×16.0 <br><a href="2675/?lang=eng">More...</a>   <br><br>62.0×12.0×5.0 <br><a href="2688/?lang=eng">More...</a>   <br><br>77.0×80.0×49.0 <br><a href="2674/?lang=eng">More...</a>
 Russia. 1840s. <br>Bronze, gilding, malachite.<br>47.5×24.0×24.0 <br><a href="2687/?lang=eng">More...</a>  Russia. The first half of 19th century. Ekaterinburg Lapidary Works (?). <br>Mahogany, ormolu.<br>77,0×72,0×50,0 <br>  1814. I.I. Oleshkevich (1777-1830).<br>Oil on cardboard.<br>20,5×26,5 Expertise by Grabar Art Scientific Restoration Centre.<br>  Russia. 1800-1810s Imperial Porcelain Factory.<br>Porcelain, gold and silver painting, diverging pattern, bronze.<br>50,0×28,0×18,0 Expertise by T.D. Karyakina<br>  France. 1810s. Lucien Francois Feucheres (?) Studio. <br>Bronze, casting, fire-gilding, patination.<br>104,0×28,0×28,0 Expertise by All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Art.<br><a href="2359/?lang=eng">More...</a>
 France. 1798 - 1800s. Claude Galle.<br>Bronze, casting, patination, fire-gilding, rouge marble (griottes).  <br>82,0×23,0×23,0  <br>  France. 1823. Chopin and Melon Studio.<br>Bronze casting, gilding.<br>31,0×64,0×19,0 Expertise by A.A. Gilodo.<br>  Russia, St. Petersburg. 1790s.  Ch. Meyer Studio (?).<br>Mahogany, veneering, array. Brass, stamping, bronze, casting, gilding, leather.<br>117,0×114,0×76,0 <br><a href="2354/?lang=eng">More...</a>  Russia. St. Petersburg. 1880s   G. Gambs Studio<br>Mahogany - veneering, array. Brass, stamping, bronze, casting, gilding, leather. plate glass.<br>156,0×138,0×72,0 <br><a href="2353/?lang=eng">More...</a>  France. 1850s – 1860s. Inscription (in French) on dial-plate stamp: «LEMERLE – CHARPENTIER & BRONZERS PARIS 8 RUE CHARLOT».<br>France. 1850s – 1860s. Bronze, casting, gilding, white marble. White enamel (on dial-piece).<br> Expertise by A.A. Gilodo.<br>
  <br><br>44,0×51,0 <br>   <br><br>91,0×120,0×60,0 <br>  Russia. First quarter of 19th century <br><br> <br><a href="2368/?lang=eng">More...</a>   <br><br>94.0×143.0×55.0 <br><a href="2691/?lang=eng">More...</a>  Russia. First quarter of 19th century. <br><br> <br><a href="2686/?lang=eng">More...</a>

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